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Thank you!

I was out of town when this site went up but I just wanted to stop in, very late, and let you know how much I enjoyed B2MEM.  Thank you for all that you did to organize that wonderful event.  Your hard work is very much appreciated.  Thank you!

Dawn: a cinquain

Late to the party, but, whole-heartedly - thank you, Dawn.

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Thank you, Dawn

For all you have done for Many Paths to Tread!

Thanks to you it is an awesome and growing archive! Without all your hard work, it would only be a dream.



Tonight, I was out to dinner with my husband Bobby, aka Mr. Felagund, and we were talking about friends who had written to say they'd received the postcards I sent from Scotland and England, and I mentioned Rhapsody, and he remarked, "Did you get that email from her?" and I was like, "What huh?" (I was back to work less than 12 hours after walking in my front door last night so, yes, that probably is a fair representation of the level of coherence I managed ;), so he said, "Nevermind, you'll know soon enough." So without thinking much of it, I got home and logged into my email, where I had an email from Rhapsody and an invite to a community called felaks_treasure. At first--being still a little braindead--I was like, "Oh cool, someone started a community that is close to my penname! And invited me to it! I wonder what it's about!" and then two and two came together and

. . .

I've participated in these communities for people before but never imagined being the recipient of one. It always kind of surprises me when people thank me for doing stuff in the fandom; after all, I maintain still that if one isn't having fun here, then it's time to do something else. The reason I've stuck around all these years isn't out of a sense of obligation but because I love what I do and love the people who share this community with me. So it never feels like something that needs thanks.

I am truly bowled over right now. This is as close to speechless as I get. ;) I think sometimes about the connections that would not have been made without the SWG, B2MeM, and other such fannish projects. I know people who are now RL friends because they met through the SWG; this is in addition to probably hundreds, maybe thousands, of online friendships forged because of these groups. This always seems such an amazing positive force in the world. Of course, in my own life there have been many of these friendships. Many of you have supported me and cheered me on not only through fannish pursuits but through the past few years, which have been at times both devastating and exhilarating, as I left behind a purposeless job with an employer who took advantage of my kindness and my skills and trained to be the special-ed teacher I am today--a job that I love. There has been plenty of family and personal drama in there too, and y'all have stuck by me and listened to my rants and given me virtual hugs and many reasons to laugh and smile and have been an amazing force in my life that I cannot imagine living without.

I am so amazed at what you all have done here. I've skimmed through the entries but look forward to spending the time with each that it deserves, to reading the stories and savoring the kind words left for me. Thank you all, so very much. This is one of the greatest gifts I've been given and, yes, for once words fail to express what it and each of you means to me.

Thank you.

Welcome Dawn!

Hi Dawn,

Welcome to this community! Somewhere during Back to Middle-earth month, Lyra and I talked about all the efforts that were made to host this events. I mentioned that you deserved a big applause when this was all over, but the more we talked about this, the more we agreed that there was a lot that you have done and will continue to do for a lot of people in this fandom. I proposed the idea to the SWG mods and they agreed.. let's organise a big tribute for Dawn. So here we are. Sit back, read and enjoy. Drink in the well deserved praise.

Here's to you!

Lyra and Rhapsody


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